Are MacBook Pro 13 And 13.3 The Same Size?

The entry-level MacBook Pro’s display is roughly the same size as the high-end models, but it is considerably smaller. The larger iPad Pro model will be adequate for most users, even though it has a bigger screen.

Is the 13.3 MacBook same as 13?

The specifications of the Intel 13-inch MacBook Pro make it not a good buy. It has the same screen size as the M1 13-inch with a resolution of 2560 x 1660 and appi of 227.

Does a 13 MacBook Pro case fit a 13.3?

I need a case that is close to my Macbook pro so I can put it in another bag. It’s going to be qualified. The sleeve’s external dimensions are 13.75″ x 0.75″ x 9.85″.

What is the difference between the 13 and 13.3 MacBook Pro?

The 13-Inch MacBook Pro versions have four times more detail than the traditional monitors and are known for their “pixel doubled” display. It’s an accurate visual for users who are careful with their graphics.

Can a 13 case fit a 13.3?

Is it possible that this will fit the x360 13.3inch? It’s not the 13 to 13.3″ case that fits your laptop, it’s the 13 to 13″ case that fits it.

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Can you put a 13 inch laptop in a 15 inch sleeve?

I don’t think so. I bought that one because I thought it would fit, but it is about an inch too small.

Can a MacBook Air fit in a 13 inch case?

The MacBook Air is thicker on one end than the MacBook Pro that the sleeve is designed for, so it might strain the leather.

What size is my MacBook Pro?

There is an Apple icon in the top left corner. The physical size of your MacBook is different from the size in the name. A 16-inch MacBook Pro has a measurement of 14.09″ x 9.68″.

What year is the Apple MacBook Pro 13.3 Intel Core i5?

The product is described. The MacBook Pro is a powerful notebook computer with an innovative, ultrathin, ultra portable aluminum unibody design.

Can a 13.5 inch laptop fit in a 13 inch case?

Yes, that is correct. It will fit a 13 inch laptop or a 13 inch iPad with room to spare.

What are the dimensions of a 13 inch laptop?

There is a depth to the Apple MacBook Pro 13. 59” (1.49 cm), width of 11.97” (30.41 cm), height of 8.36” (22.24 cm), and weighs 3.02 lbs (1.37 kilograms).

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