Does French Have A Word For 80?

It’s four times twenty for 80 to be quatre-vingts.

Why is there no French word for eighty?

During the Middle Ages, the roman versions’septante’, ‘huitante’ and ‘nonante’ looked like they were going to stick, but then the French reclaimed their ancient ways of saying eighty.

Why do the French not have a word for 70?

The system of counting by increment of 20 was reintroduced.

Why does French count weird?

The number system in French is a descendant of the system used in Gaulish, a Celtic language that was destroyed by the Romance language. If you look at the counting systems of modern Celtic languages, you will see a similar pattern to that in French.

How do you say 85 in French?

The number 85 is quatre-vingt-cinq. The number 86 is quatre-vingt six. There was an error in the numbering of 87. It’s 88 and it’s vingt-huit.

How do the French count to 100?

Vingt-deux, vingt-trois, vingt-quatre, vingt-cinq, vingt-six, vingt-sept, vingt-ne, vingt-ne. Trente et un, trente-trois, trente-quatre, trente-cinq, trente-six, trente-sept.

How do you say 70 in Belgium?

They are referred to in Belgian French as 70, 71, and 72 septante.

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Is it AD or ADD?

There is an ad in your work. People might accuse you of being sloppy if you confuse these words. A short ad is what it’s called. Adding is a word that means combining things together.

How do you say 70 79 in French?

There is a word for seventy. Soixante (60) plus nineteen dix-neuf (19) is equal to soixante dix-neuf.

How do you count to 50 in French?

If you memorize the numbers from 1 to 9 you can count to 50. Next, go to 10 to 19 which include dix, onze, douze, treize, quatorze, quinze, seize, dix-sept, and dix-huit.

How do you write thousand in numbers?

For the number one thousand it can be written 1 000 or 1000 or 1000, for larger numbers it can be written 10 000 or 10,000.

What language has the most complicated number system?

Huli, the most complex language on the list, is base-15, which is very unusual for anyone raised with the base 10 counting system.

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