Does Jenna Sleep With Jake?

Does Jenna cheat on Jake?

Although circumstances in the season premiere lead to Jenna and Matty potentially spilling the beans, they are both afraid of what the information will do to the boys’ friendship. She wasn’t unfaithful to Jake, but she was withholding information that would hurt him.

Do Jenna and Jake get together in awkward?

Jake and Jenna were a couple at the Winter Formal in the first season, but he broke up with her because he found out that she had a relationship with another person. He is in a relationship with the best friend of Jenna.

Does Jenna end up with Jake or Matty?

They kept their former relationship a secret from Jake as they ended their relationship to be with Jake.

Do Jake and Tamara break up?

He ended his relationship with her because she was crazy. After the break up, she became so obsessed with it that she created a fake online profile for an Australian girl called Autumn.

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Who killed Ricky Schwartz?

The third season of the show. Cha-cha-cha-changes and Responsibly Irresponsible shows that he died from an allergic reaction to peanuts. His classmates reveal their feelings for him after he died.

Why did Ming leave Awkward?

There are a number of things. Jessica Lu, who plays Ming in the show, is not coming back. She didn’t want to stay there. The Asian Mafia and Nolan Funk’s character will not be coming back.

Is Amber pregnant in Awkward?

Two people try to reveal information to another person. She is pregnant, and is one step ahead of everyone else. This is proven to be true with a pregnancy test.

How does MTV Awkward end?

Awkward executive producer Mike Chessler said the MTV show’s season 5 finale would be very satisfying, and it was.

Why did Colin and Jenna break up?

In Redefining, the author passes an invitation to a party to someone who thinks it’s sexy. The man on the phone told the person on the other end of the phone that he wanted to be with another person. The Annual Mall Ball is hosted by Julie’s.

What episode does Jake find out about Jenna and Matty?

The Love Triangle Chapter is the second one. The chapter deals with Jake and Matty making a choice between the two of them. Lacey’s care-frontation letter was discovered by everyone who was aware of the journal.

Does Matty cheat on Jenna?

At the end of the episode, there was a big news that was worth talking about, and it was the fact that all of her friends found out that she was having an affair with a man.

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Where does Jenna go to college in awkward?

During her senior year at Palos Hills High School, there was a point in her life where she wanted to attend Southern Coast University. She left SCU after her freshman year at Wyckoff because she wanted to go somewhere else.

How many seasons of Awkward Is there going to be?

The fifth and final season of Awkward will premiere on MTV on August 31st. The 24 episodes will be split into two mini- seasons.

Where does Ming go?

In the 4th episode of the season, “No Woman Is an Island”, Ming moved to Vermont to attend boarding school in order to get into a good college.

Who gets pregnant on Awkward?

There are two things. Both of the Awkward ladies will have the same number of children, because they are both parents.

Is Sadie pregnant in Awkward season 3?

Lissa found out that her and her family were broke when everyone suspected that she was pregnant. However, her mother convinces her not to tell anyone about the scare, as she is relieved to know she is not pregnant.

What did Jenna do to Matty during college?

Instead of fighting, she accepted the fact that she was going to be taken home. After sleeping off his small rant, Matty apologized for his behavior and explained that he was expecting to be benched on Berkeley’s soccer team.

Where did Matt go in so Awkward?

When Jas led her to believe that Matt was moving to Australia, she was distraught that he hadn’t told her he was leaving. When Jas led her to believe that Matt was moving to Australia, she was distraught that he hadn’t told her he was leaving.

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Is Awkward ever coming back?

The wait has ended. There is a new promo for the upcoming Awkward season. The fifth and final season of the show is currently underway. The last episode left off in November and will be replaced by new episodes.

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