How Can I Pay Easytrip Through Gcash?

Is GCash Easytrip payment real time?

It’s real-time when you use the GCash App to reload your Easytrip. Extra credits are required for the convenience fee.

How much is the minimum load for Easytrip in GCash?

The Easytrip account number and payor name must be filled out. The following is a list of the five things. You have to enter the amount before you can confirm it. The minimum load amount is less than 500 dollars.

How do I pay Easytrip RFID?

You can send a text with the account number. Each time there is a successful transaction, you’ll get an email. The Easytrip account will be reloaded after that.

What is my Easytrip account number?

The Easytrip Card Account Number is a unique number. You can use it when reloading your account. The back of your card has a 16-digit card number on it.

Is there an app for Easytrip RFID?

You can see your account balance and reload your card with the MPT DriveHub app. Do you want to download now?

How do I find my RFID account number?

The front of your Easytrip card has your account number printed on it.

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Which expressway is Easytrip?

Metro Pacific Tollway Company, Easytrip Services Corporation, is the exclusive electronic toll collection system integrator and provider in the following expressways.

What is the difference between Autosweep RFID and Easytrip RFID?

EasyTrip and Autosweep are both used in expressways, but EasyTrip is more accessible on the SCTEX, NLEX, CALAX, and C5 Link.

Is Easytrip RFID accepted in slex?

Skyway, SLEX, NAIAX, STAR Tollway, MCX, and TPLEX are some of the places where autosweep can be used.

How do you pay RFID with a credit card?

To make reloading more convenient, you can use the auto-debit arrangement. All you need to do is fill out the Authorization to Use and Charge Credit Card Form and submit it to any of the Autosweep stations.

How much is GCash Autosweep?

You need to enter the account number and amount you want to replenish. There is a minimum amount you can load. There is a fee associated with this.

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