How Do I Keep My Profile Picture On Zoom Meeting?

Why does my Zoom profile picture keep disappearing?

Before you join a meeting, you need to sign in to your account. If you keep your account log in, you will be able to stay signed in for both the website and the apps before you join a meeting. It’s a good idea to know who you are and how to get a correct picture.

How do I show my profile picture on Zoom during a meeting?

Click on the video you want to add a picture for during the meeting. You can choose the picture you want to save from your computer. If you want to turn off your video, tap Stop Video.

Why doesn’t my profile picture show on Zoom when video is off?

Adding a picture to your profile is all that’s needed. When you turn off the video in a meeting, your picture will be shown instead of your name.

Why won’t Zoom let me delete my profile picture?

The section called Personal is on the left side. Click on it if you want to. Once you’re in your profile section, you’ll be able to change or remove your profile picture at any time. Click here if you want to remove yourself from here.

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How do I show my picture on Zoom when my video is off?

If you want to show your profile picture instead of video, you need to upload a profile picture and zoom will show it whenever your camera is off.

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