How Do I Remove An Extra Page From My Resume?

How do I delete an unwanted extra page in Word?

If you want to remove the page from your computer, you have to type it in. You can enter on the keyboard. You have to verify that a page of content is selected before you can press the deletion button.

Why is it so hard to delete a blank page in Word?

Manual page breaks are the most common cause of unwanted blank pages. In the default view of Word, it’s difficult to find the right place to remove a page. It is easier to adjust the view. Show/hide paragraph marks can be used.

Why can’t delete a page Word?

To remove a page from Microsoft Word, you have to remove all of the text. If you have a page with no text that won’t go away, make sure you don’t put invisible formatting marks on it.

How do I delete a page in Word that won’t delete Mac?

If you want to remove a blank page, you can click at the beginning of the next page, place the insert point before the first text or graphic, and press the deletion button.

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