How Do I Update My Seafarers Profile?

Go to page 4 and enter the login credentials. Click on “upload documents” on the top menu if you want to update the seafarer profile.

How do I check my seafarer profile?

How do I register my seafarers profile and how do I gain access to it? Go to and click on the E-Governance menu tab and fill out the required information.

How do I update my passport INDoS?

Click here to view the scanned copy of the Passport. If you want to submit a request for updation, you need to select the submit request option. The passport information will be updated in the Seafarer’s Profile/ INDoS after the approval of the request from the director general.

How can I check my CoC status online?

Click on Home button at the top right corner and then click on CoC and CoC Revalidation link to pay CoC and CoP fees.

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How do I upload CDC to DG profile?

Step 2 is to join the seafarer’s account. The seafarer profile needs to be updated. Updating your mobile number and email address is the fourth step. Click on “Upload Documents” if you don’t want to read the instructions.

How do I verify my photo in DG shipping profile?

TheVerify Profile Photo button can be found in the top menu bar. In the left side, the system will show the candidate’s INDoS profile photo, while in the right side it will show the facility for live image.

What is e learning in DG Shipping?

The online learning platform for officers and ratings is called E-Learning and is used to prepare for competency and modular courses. It is mandatory for all the Indian Seafarers to take the new concept to enhance their knowledge of the sea.

What is exit exam in DG Shipping?

The written, practical and oral exams are part of the Exit Examination. In the present pattern of the written examination, a student can get the minimum passing marks if they attend to only a limited portion of the questions.

How do I change my Passport details in seafarer?

Go to page 4 and enter the login credentials. Click on “upload documents” on the top menu if you want to update the seafarer profile.

What is CDC and indos?

The database contains the names of all Indian and foreign nationals who have been granted a COC by the Government of India.

What is COC Number India?

A COC is a certificate issued to an international worker by his or her home social security authorities that exempts them from contributing to the social security in the host country as long as they are contributing to their home social security.

What is COC in merchant navy?

Section 170 of the Merchant Shipping (M.S) Act states that every foreign ship must have a cook on board. A certificate of competency is needed to be a cook. There is a certificate for merchant shipping. The rules for competency as a cook in the Merchant Navy were published in 1991.

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How do you get Indian in clash of clans?

Deck graduates join as Deck Cadets or Navigating Officers while Engine graduates join as Engine Cadets after graduating from sea school. They will be able to take the COC exams once they complete the required sea-time as a cadet.

How do I update my CDC details in master checker?

You have to contact the Shipping Master Office if the CDC checker shows incorrect information. If you want to make a correction in CDC checker, you need to contact the shipping master and get a copy of the CDC issued email.

How do I log into DG Shipping?

Passwords will be sent to your registered email account after you submit your User ID and Email id. If you forget the email id, you can try again, but they don’t block your account. You will be able to reset your log in credentials.

How can I register my INDoS number online?

The INDos number is required for all existing and new seafarers. The INDoS number of pre-sea cadets will be applied for by the training institute. Existing seafarers can apply online. There is a fee for the duplicate certificate of INDoS number.

How do you refresh a STCW course?

I don’t know what courses I need to take in order to refresh my STCW. The courses are split into basic and advanced modules so you don’t have to take them all at once. The basic and advance courses will take 3 days to complete.

Can you take 2 exit exams a day?

Only one exam can be given in a 24 hour period from one internet address. You can use your mobile as a hot spot.

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What happens if you fail an exit exam?

What will happen to students if they fail the exit exam? Students have to take the exam again if they don’t pass it. The law requires schools to help students who aren’t progressing to pass the test. Addingi- tional courses, summer school programs, and special tutoring can be offered by schools.

How many attempts are in DG exit exam?

The maximum number of tries will be given. The student will have to do the course again.

How do I renew my passport photo online?

You can apply for a UK passport online at the passport office. You can get to the digital passport photo uploading page by filling in your details. There is no need to worry about regulations on the next page because our UK digital passport photos are perfect. Continue if you click on it.

How do I renew my CDC online?

Click on the “Submit Application” button if you want to choose between the following options: “Renewal CDC (New)”, “Replacement of the CDC”, and “Duplicate CDC”. All the data is filled out and the application number is generated. ClickCONTINUE if you want to enter permanent address and contact details. ClickCONTINUE if you want to pay under pay fees.

How do I edit my CDC application?

Prepare a request letter for the Shipping Master of the appropriate office and send it to the CDC. The supporting document copy you attached to the letter should be mentioned. is where you can pay your fees.

Is Merchant Navy a military?

The commercial sector of the maritime industry is referred to as the merchant navy. The merchant navy is not involved in military service, but it is involved in the shipping of cargo and people across the sea routes.

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