How Do You Do A Skinfold Body Composition Test?

The skinfold needs to be grasped between your thumb and index finger. The skinfold is recorded when the callipers are held in the right hand. The measurement needs to be recorded so keep the fold elevated. The skinfold measurement needs to be taken 4 seconds after the calliper pressure is released.

How do you determine your body composition by using skinfold measures?

The skinfold thickness is measured by the skinfold calipers. The technician takes measures by grasping a fold of skin and fat with the thumb and forefingers and pulling the fold away from the underlying muscles, then pinching it with the caliper and taking the reading in 2 seconds.

How do you measure chest skinfold?

The chest or pectoral skinfold is used for men. 1/3 of the way from the arm pit to the nipple is folded by women. There is a vertical fold on the mid-axillary line that goes down from the center of the armpit.

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