How Do You Get Bubbles In Aero?

The patent describes how chocolate is heated and aerated to make bubbles. There are moulds for the chocolate shell. Reduced air pressure allows the bubbles to expand inside the bar.

How do they get the bubbles in Wispa?

The tiny bubbles within the chocolate form via aerating the molten chocolate with gas, carbon dioxide or nitrogen, while at a high pressure.

Is Aero Only in Canada?

If you’re an American, you can’t do that. Aero was not a commercial success when it was launched in the US in the 1980’s. These chocolate-covered malt balls were originally sold to women who wanted to lose weight.

When did Aero bubbles come out?

The 1982 and 1996 relaunches are considered to be the most significant innovations in packaging, bar size and flavour.

Who invented the bubbles in Aero?

Eileen is fond of Aero chocolate. The recipe for chocolate was invented by John William Todd. The chocolate was made in the 1930s by him.

Can you melt Aero chocolate?

White Chocolate can be microwaved or over a double boiler.

What came first Mint Aero or chocolate?

This chocolate is famous for its unique texture and has been around for a long time. The milk chocolate variation of Aero® was introduced in the 70s.

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Why was Wispa discontinued?

The UK sale of Wispa was withdrawn in 2003 due to declining sales and production issues.

How are Aerobars made?

Aero bars are made without nuts. They begin with the deposition of chocolate into the moulds. A frozen cone is pushed down to spread the liquid chocolate into the entire mold.

What is in a Mr Big chocolate bar?


Why does Canadian chocolate taste different?

Canadian chocolate is higher in fat and particle size than Americans, but Americans tend to gravitate towards a little bit more of a cleaner flavour.

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