How Do You Get Exempted From Nysc?

Nigerian graduates who have been trained at home or oversea are eligible for exemption certificate, but foreign trained graduates have to submit their certificates at the Mobil.

What does it mean to be exempted from NYSC?

There are two things. There is a certificate for the New York State Liquor Control Commission. This is given to a graduate who doesn’t participate in one year of service. The graduate couldn’t be mobilized because he or she is older than 30 years old.

How do you know if you are exempted from NYSC?

If you’re over 30 you’ll be exempt. If you have an honours award and have served in the Nigerian Police or the military for less than nine months, you will not be affected by the new law.

How long does it take to get my NYSC exemption letter?

Your exemption letter will be ready by the time your colleagues arrive at the camp.

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What is NYSC exception letter?

Nigerian graduates who are not required to serve in the National Youth Service Corps can get the certificate of exemption. Nigerian graduates who are home trained or foreign trained are required to take part in the one year scheme.

Can I work with NYSC exemption letter?

You don’t have to have a discharge certificate for that. You can’t work in the oil and gas industry if you don’t have a discharge certificate or certificate of exemption.

Can I work in Nigeria without NYSC?

It depends on whether or not you want to work in an office or in a job. You won’t be accepted by financial institutions if you don’t have an exemption letter. Smaller organizations are less likely to use a non-NYSC holder.

Can one do masters without NYSC certificate?

If you don’t have it, you can always apply without it, but you would have to give a discharge letter. It is not required by some institutions. If you want to apply for your masters, you need to take the NYsc.

What does it mean by exemption certificate?

A medical/ tax exemption certificate is an official document that gives someone special permission not to do something.

Can a 30 years old go for NYSC?

A person or student who is more than 30 years old can’t serve in the NYSC. A certificate of expulsion is given to graduates who are more than 30 years old at their graduation.

Can I postpone my NYSC?

If you want to defer your NYSC, don’t register until you are ready. If you did the registration with your green card printed, you won’t be able to go back. It’s just a matter of being mobilized. You might be lucky if the batches are split into two streams.

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Where do I get NYSC exemption letter?

The certificates of exemption are given to those who are not in service. Certificates of Exemption for foreign graduates are to be collected at the headquarters of the National Youth Service Corps.

Does part time student go for NYSC?

The National Youth Service Corps is only available to graduates of part-time academic programmes in Nigerian universities.

What does it mean by exemption certificate?

A medical/ tax exemption certificate is an official document that gives someone special permission not to do something.

What is exemption certificate?

A complete exemption certificate is one that does not have an expiration date but takes effect on a date that is dependent on the qualification that it is awarded to.

Can someone above 30 go for NYSC?

The age at which you can be exempt is 30. If you’re 30 you’ll still be mobilized. You’re exempt if you are a day older than 30. You are still qualified to serve if you are 30 by the year of birth, but less than a month later.

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