How Do You Skip Assignments In Pega?

Which artifact can be skipped during case processing in PEGA?

If you want to give flexibility to your cases, skip the create dynamic view. You can skip the create dynamic view if you need to capture user input in case processing.

What is the use of finish assignment in PEGA?

FinishAssignment, validates, sets the task status, completes assignment, checks for back to back assignments, then plays the review or perform harness.

How do I reopen an assignment in PEGA?

To get the assignment back to flow, use the openWork object in the class. The flowB should be called the flow name. The primary page of the closed work object is where it should run.

What is the use of assignment shape in PEGA?

Shapes are used to represent tasks that users complete. Adding an assignment shape for each place in a business process that requires human judgement and input is what you can do to make sure your business process meets all your requirements.

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What is a process in PEGA?

A process flow is a set of processes through which work is moved. The “Flow” rule is used to define and govern the set of processes.

What is PEGA assignment?

There is an assignment in the class. An instance assignment-worklist will be created when an assignment is routed to Single Operator. The assignment will be created as an instance of the basket.

What is routing in PEGA?

You assign work to the user that’s right for you. It is possible to route a step to a single user or a group of users. A worklist is a list of open assignments that are important to a particular user.

What is the use of fork in decision shape in PEGA?

The fork shape is used to choose a path for the work object. The system begins to evaluate the conditions on the outgoing connector with the most likely one.

What is DX API in PEGA?

The ability to view, create, and update cases and assignments can be achieved with the help of the Pega Digital Experience (DX)API. It makes it possible for developers to build a custom front-end experience for their applications.

What is case type in PEGA?

A case type is a representation of a business transaction. Business transactions can be model cases. A case is a type of transaction. To model an online order transaction, you have to define an online order case type.

What is PEGA harness?

A harness is used to organize the user display. A harness is used to organize a portal or work form. Four standard harnesses are used for organizing the content of user forms.

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How do I reopen a PEGA SR?

Case Manager is an example of a portal where you can log in. If you want to reopen the case, find it and open it. You can find a resolved case by searching for it in your worklist. Click the Actions Reopen button in the Tools section.

What is urgency in PEGA?

The priority of the assignment is indicated by the fact that it is urgent. There are worklists and cases with a urgency value of 0 to 100. The highest priority fraud task is assigned to the bank representative when they are ready to work on another assignment.

What is PX PY PZ in PEGA?

There is a picture of a person. Identifies properties that can’t be input by users on a form. The properties with names that start with py are not special and can be input by the users on the form.

What is Section in PEGA?

Your user interface is made up of sections. To create a functional chunk of user interface that can be reuse in different contexts, you can populate a section withUI elements, such as fields and controls.

What is Workqueue in PEGA?

If you want to improve workload management in your application, you need to create a work queue. You logically and efficiently categorize work inside your organization if you associate a work queue with a group of users or a robot queue.

What is the primary difference between push routing and pull routing?

During a case processing context, where a case creates a new assignment and decides who should own it, push route occurs. Pull route is outside of a case processing context. The system is asked to pick the best assignment for them.

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What is Workbasket in PEGA?

A work basket is a queue of assignments. There are three ways in which items in a workbasket can be processed.

What is split join in PEGA?

The person replied to the one who asked about it. The Split Join shape can be used to call multiple independent processes that are operating in parallel.

What is flow shapes in PEGA?

A shape in a flow is used to represent a task that a user or application completes. A case can be defined by connecting different shapes in a flow.

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