How Does Lbry Work?

LBRY uses peer-to-peer file sharing to serve their content. Digital content, including music, images, and e-books, can be recorded for use in LBRY. The LBRY projects are free to use.

How does LBRY store videos?

LBRY will seed the content to the entire network so that other people can also download it from you. You can save the completed file in your downloads folder. The storage options can be configured on the settings page.

How does LBC work LBRY?

LBRY uses a Proof of Work (PoW) mining method to create LBRY Credits. In order to verify transactions on the LBRY app, miners earn newly generated LBRY coins as rewards.

Does LBRY censor?

The LBRY protocol provides permissionless access to claiming of URLs and allows data transfers over a peer to peer network which consists of our own content server and anyone running the LBRY protocol.

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