How Does Lyka Make Money?

Users of the application sign up for the platform and earn GEMs by using it, such as by posting entries on it, sharing content, or max rating other people’s content. They will be able to spend these GEMs at their partner establishments.

How does LYKA app make money?

You can collect gems every time you use the app. You can share and get gems from your friends on the app, and you can also rate other people’s posts. Merchants can give away items from time to time, and all of them will give you a gem.

Where does LYKA gems come from?

Things I Like Company is based in Hong Kong and has launched a digital community in Southeast Asia. It was created by Ryan Baird in July of last year in order to give billions of entrepreneurs the chance to live off their passions.

How much can you earn in LYKA?

Ryan spoke at the World Economic Forum about big data and how it can be used to maximize profit for quality content creators. Ryan has given people tens of thousands of dollars for their comments and content. Many people have made money doing this.

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How does LYKA gem work?

Users in the digital community of lyka share their interests by posting photos and videos. There are apps for both of the mobile operating systems. Users will be rewarded with a gift card when they use the platform.

How do you get verified on LYKA?

I have said before that the more you use the app, the more you earn. But how do we do it? If you sign up for Lyka alone, you’ll get 5 GEMS. You’ll get 15,000 GEMS if you’re verified by Lyka.

Can I buy car using LYKA GEMs?

A growing list of brands accept the GEMs acquired over the app as cash.

What is LYKA app for?

LYKA is a free social media platform that allows users to connect and discover new things. People can share photos with each other on the platform. The Digital Point System rewards users for engaging with the platform.

Is LYKA still operating?

As it prepares to resume operations in the first quarter of 2022, LYKA is optimistic that it will be granted an operator of payment system license by the central bank of the Philippines.

How do I pay with LYKA gems?

There is a question about how to use LYKA GEMs. If you want to pay for items or services at a store, you can use your Lyka GEMS to do so. As a regular user, you can print yourQR Code and use it to make payments.

Is LYKA app safe?

The Computer Professionals’ Union warned about the risks of using the social media platform.

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How do I make my LYKA account private?

If you’re really worried about how LYKA handles your data, you might want to ask them to remove it from their server. If you send an email to, you will be able to have your LYKA account deleted.

Is Ford accepting LYKA gems?

You can purchase furniture and appliances in Abenson stores, as well as have some leisure time with your friends and family at supported hotels and restaurants around the country, with the help of Lyka Gems. If you earn enough GEMS, you can use it to buy a car from a Ford dealership.

Why is LYKA on hold?

The central bank affirmed its order to close the platform after it refused to register it with the regulators.

Why did LYKA stop?

The registration of its marketing arm as an operator of payment system was rejected by theBSP, which resulted in the suspension of the operations of the social media platform.

Where do I use LYKA GEMs?

You can use the GEMs you earn in your wallet to make purchases at partner brands and merchants. You can use the GEMs you earn in your wallet to make purchases at partner brands and merchants.

Which country is LYKA available?

LYKA has been running since the beginning of the year. The company is located in Hong Kong. In 6 months, we reached over 100000 users, including the biggest celebrities and artists in the Philippines.

What is Lyka merchant?

Users can connect, discover, and share their interests within the LYKA Digital Community. Users are rewarded with GEMs when they engage and spend time on the app.

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