How Is Casper Scored?

A numerical scale is used to grade the responses. The scale runs from 1 to 9 with 1 being a satisfactory response and 9 being a superior one.

What does my CASPer score mean?

Your score is the strength of your response relative to other responses to the same scenario, and it’s called a Casper response.

What is a good CASPer percentile?

They scored higher than 25% of all applicants, but less than 50% of all applicants. The percentage of other applicants who scored higher than you did is called the quartiles.

Can you fail CASPer?

The CASPer isn’t a pass or fail test, it’s an assessment of your skills against the rest of the pool.

Does CASPer score matter?

It is not possible to say yes. It’s not possible to say what role Casper scores play in a medical school’s admissions process, but it’s likely that the majority of med schools view it as a less important factor. We don’t think it’s a good idea to adjust your medical school list based on your score.

Does CASPer record your screen?

A workingWebcam is required because you will be recorded during the entire test. This is to make sure you are taking the exam according to the rules and not cheat.

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How accurate is CASPer?

Results can be found here. The CASPer test total, video, and self-descriptive had an inter-rater reliability of 9689. There was a generalizability of 0.83 for the scenarios, 0.75 for the videos, and 0.69 for the self-descriptive questions.

Is scrap paper allowed for CASPer?

You can use a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and a hard copy dictionary on the test. You can’t have pre- written notes. Even though you can take notes on the test, please be aware of the time limit given to answer each question.

How important is CASPer test?

As schools seek to assess applicants beyond academic metrics and extracurricular achievements, evaluation formats such as CASPer have become more important for medical school admissions.

How much does the CASPer test cost?

The test cost in the U.S. is $12, with an additional $12 for each med school where scores will be sent. There is an optional 10-minute break at the end of the 60 to 90 minute course.

Do schools see your CASPer responses?

Each section of the test has a human rater score it. You won’t get your score, and won’t have access to it. You won’t see how you did if you don’t apply to any of the designated schools.

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