How Long Does Gtcni Registration Take?

All applications and supporting documents should be scanned in PDF format and sent to the The current UK application processing time is around six to eight weeks from the date we receive all required documentation.

What has replaced the General teaching Council?

The GTC was abolished in 2012 and some of its functions were taken over by the Teaching Agency.

Is QTS Recognised in Northern Ireland?

Trained teachers can be found in Northern Ireland and Scotland. If you trained in either Northern Ireland or Scotland, you need to apply for QTS if you want to teach in England.

Do I need to register with the GTC?

All teachers in Scottish schools are required to register with GTC Scotland. In order to register with GTC Scotland, all lecturers in Scotland’s colleges had to do so.

Can I teach in Northern Ireland without QTS?

If you want to teach in an English state school, you have to apply for qualified teacher status. If you have a teaching qualification from a university in Northern Ireland, you can gain QTS without any further training. The National College for Teaching & Leadership can be found there.

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Can I have PGCE but no QTS?

If you are studying for, or already have qualified teacher status, our course is perfect for you. This course will give you the chance to get a university postgraduate certificate if you already have QTS.

Does the General Teaching Council for England still exist?

There was a professional body for teaching in England. In 2012 it was abolished and some of its responsibilities were taken over by the Teaching Agency.

Is GTC and DfES number the same?

The same TRNs can be entered for qualified teacher status, General Teaching Council, Department for Education, Department for Education and Skills, and Department for Children, Schools and Families.

What is the NCTL now called?

The National College for Teaching and Leadership has ceased to exist. The Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA), an executive agency of the Department for Education, is in charge of the regulation of the teaching profession.

What professional body do teachers belong to UK?

There are professional bodies for teaching in England. Our goal is to improve standards of teaching and learning by working in the public interest.

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