How Long Will Bfgoodrich Tires Last?

Our experience is that each 1/32” should yield between 3,500 and 4,000 miles. At the time of change out, it would be closer to 40,000 miles.

How many miles do BFGoodrich tires last?

Is it possible that the Ko2 tire could last a long time? If driven with care, the tires can make 50,000 miles. Some of the best traction and strength can be found in theKO2s. The longer you drive on the road, the longer the tire will last.

Are BFGoodrich AT worth the money?

BFGKO2 tires are worth the money spent on them. They are best in class, off-road performance, and the core-gard technology gives them a distinct advantage over regular tires. Spending money on tires that will last longer and provide safety is a good idea.

How many kms do KO2 last?

The All-Terrain tire is the toughest of its kind. It has never been done before. There is an 80,000 km warranty and a satisfaction guarantee. 80,000 kilometers is the warranty for the kilometers.

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