How Many Jre Listeners?

In today’s fractured media environment, Rogan’s economic model of accumulating young male listeners, who make up a good chunk of his 11 million listeners per episode, is especially powerful.

Are Joe Rogan and Dana White friends?

White and Rogan have developed a friendship over the course of more than two decades. It is something that the UFC boss is very thankful for. White spoke about his relationship with Rogan in an interview with Jake Asman.

How big is Howard Stern’s audience?

His fervent fan base believes that he has 20 million subscribers on his radio show. It’s a big stretch for the former “King of all Media.” The idea of equating a potential audience with a real audience is a classic form of BS.

Who is Jamie Joe Rogan podcast?

Fans are curious about who is Rogan’s producer. He is the brains behind the Joe Rogan Experience and is one of the most important people in the show.

What does Joe rogans wife do?

She is also a model for various agencies. Ditzel is not just Joe Rogan’s wife, she is also an established TV producer.

How many wives has Joe Rogan had?

There is a personal life to it. Rogan was married to Jessica Ditzel. The first and second girls were born in 2008 and 2010, respectively. Rogan is the father of Ditzel’s daughter.

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