How Old Is Technoblade?

Why does Technoblade call Tommy?

By abolishing the government, Techno was preventing another tyrant from rising, as he declared that power corrupts and that by abolishing the government, he was preventing power from corrupting again. He compared Tommy to Theseus, a Greek hero who died in disgrace for saving his country.

How do I contact Technoblade?

A Californian by the name of Technoblade, he is a well-known American online streamer, social media influencer, and businessman.

How tall is Technoblade ft IRL?

Technoblade has a net worth of $5 million and more than 9 million subscribers on the video sharing website. The 22-year-old American has accomplished a lot in a short amount of time.

How do you get Technoblade skin?

The link for technoblade new skin can be downloaded from the game’s website. There are a lot of technoblade skins online.

What bone is Technoblade missing?

He has a tumours in his right shoulder and is going to have it removed. Before his next round of cancer treatment, he wants to play more games and make more videos for his fans. In the announcement video, Technoblade seemed to be in a good mood.

Why is Technoblade not uploading?

Unfortunately, the reason for Technoblade breaking the silence was that he was diagnosed with cancer, which is sad.

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How old is Drista?

Dream’s younger sister is referred to as Drista. TommyInnit gave her the name “Sista” and “Dream”, which is a combination of their names. Dream has revealed that she is a fan of One Direction and Harry Styles on his social media accounts.

What is Dream’s full name?

Dream’s real name is Clay and he is a streamer by the name of Karl Jacobs. Karl Jacobs used his phone to show the world his contact name was “Clay Dream”. Dream’s first name may not have been speculated on by followers and fans of the game.

What is on Technoblades AXE?

Efficiency 5, Fortune 3, Mending, and Unbreaking 3 are some of the things that it is enchanted with. Due to Tubbo stealing emeralds from Techno’s base, he claimed this pickaxe as his own. Technoblade still has a ready supply of steak, even though it was dropped in favor of Golden Apples.

What is Technoblades favorite color?

He likes the color blue. Beldum is one of his favorites. During the Great Potato War, players were able to purchase items from Technoblade. He was diagnosed with cancer in his arm on August 2, 2021.

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