Is It Ok To File Down Thick Toenails?

If you want to do little harm to the nail and surrounding skin, file a thick nail instead of cutting it. If you want to reduce the thickness of the nail, file it 2 to 3 times a week.

How do you get rid of thick toenails?

If you want to soften your nails, apply urea cream to your nails and wrap your feet in bandages at night. Cut your nails by using a nail clipper and nail file after washing off the urea cream. After you file your nails, apply an over the counter treatment. You can apply VapoRub to your toenails.

Should I file down my nail fungus?

Here are a few things you can do to take care of your nails if you have a nail problem. You don’t want to use the same nail file on healthy nails.

What does Vicks VapoRub do for toenails?

Camphor and eucalyptus oil are active ingredients that can be used to treat a variety of diseases. The positive clinical effect of VapoRub was found in a study. The affected area should be treated with a small amount of VapoRub at least once a day.

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Why do I have one really thick toenail?

Your body whispers that something isn’t right when you have thick toenails. There are a number of causes that result in the development of thick toenails. Onychomycosis is the main cause of nail infections. Diabetes, Psoriasis, and physical trauma are some of the causes of thick nails.

What kills toenail fungus instantly?

There is a substance called hydrogen peroxide. There is a disease on toenails that can be killed with hydrogen peroxide. There is a way to wipe hydrogen peroxide on your toes. It is possible to use hydrogen peroxide in a foot soak.

Can you sand thick toenails?

The most effective way to thin Dystrophic nails is by using an electric sanding device. If you want to thin out the nails, you can do it as thin as you want.

Can I scrape out toenail fungus?

The first step in treatment is for your doctor to trim the nail that is causing the problem, and then cut it back to its original location. Your doctor may be able to remove debris from the nail. This is a way to get rid of the fungus.

What is the white hard stuff under my toenails?

There are many infections of the nail. There is a white or yellow-brown spot under the nail. The nail may become discolored, brittle and break at the edge as the infections gets deeper.

What kills toenail fungus fast?

It is possible for your health care provider to prescribe an antifungal cream. You apply the product to your nails. Thin the nails before using these creams.

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How long does it take for Vicks to work on nail fungus?

It is possible to clear up the notoriously hard-to-treat condition with the use of VapoRub. It took anywhere from 5 to 16 months for the product to clear the condition in 32 of the 85 patients that it was applied to daily.

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