Is Silver Hair Hard To Keep?

It can be difficult to maintain a lustrous hair color like silver. It is possible that you will experience fading or yellowing. The bleaching process that is required to get your hair to this color leaves it brittle and dry.

How do I keep my silver hair from fading?

It’s true that purple hair wash works on silver hair. Any good silver hair care routine should include a combination of color-friendly shampoos and conditioners. If you’ve ever dyed your hair blonde, you’re most likely going to get a purple hair care product from your hairdresser.

Does silver hair fade easily?

Some grays fade quicker than others. According to Michael Albor, the lighter grey hair color will fade more quickly than the deeper charcoal hair color.

Is silver blonde hard to maintain?

Unless you do a dark root, the maintenance level is usually high. It’s hard to get a silver-blonde color because the process involves lightening, lifting, and toning. Huckabee says you need to have your roots done every four to six weeks.

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