Is Udit Narayan Good Singer?

Narayan is a well-known singer of his generation.

Who is better singer Udit Narayan or arijit singh?

I think udit narayan is a better singer than arijit singh because of his texture of voice. The voice of arijit doesn’t sound as good as that of udit Ji.

How many songs does Kumar Sanu have?

Kumar’s name was entered in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1993 for recording 28 songs in a single day. There are some views on music and life that he has.

Who is the king of 90s in Bollywood?

Shah Rukh Khan was the undisputed king of the box office in the 90s, with 5 blockbusters, 4 hits, and 3 super hits.

Is Kumar Sanu a trained singer?

Sanu’s musical journey began at the age of 22 when he joined as a rhythm player with his older brother and sister in an orchestra, which played in various gatherings in and around Kolkata.

Is Udit Narayan a good singer Quora?

He has been one of the best voices for singing in the past. They are the best singers in the country at the moment, in both classical and western music.

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Which Indian singer has sung maximum songs?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the most recorded artist in music history was Asha Bhosle with 11,000 songs. She has sung in 20 different languages, which is more than most of us know.

Is Kumar Sanu the best singer?

Kumar Sanu is a famous singer in Bollywood. He has a world record for recording the maximum number of songs in a single day. He was born on September 23, 1957 and was known as Kedernath.

Which is the first song of Udit Narayan?

He made his Bollywood debut singing a song in the movie Unees-Bees. “41 years ago, my first ever film in the Indian Film and Music industry was ‘Unees Bees’, a film written and directed by Rajesh Roshanji.”

Who is Rita Bhattacharya?

Kumar was married to Rita Bhattacharya in the 80s. Jessy, Jeeko, and Jaan were born to them. Kumar was reported to have an affair with an actress at the premiere of a movie.

Has Kumar Sanu worked with AR Rahman?

Sanu has worked with some of the best composers in the world.

Who is melody King in world?

There is a person named Neeraja. Ilaiyaraaja, the ‘king of melody’ who won the hearts of millions with his evergreen music, recently courted controversy after dismissing the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Is Mithun Chakraborty rich?

There is a net worth of $38 million in Indian currency, which is more than the Indian rupee’s value.

Why did Kumar Sanu stopped singing?

The system that is currently being used is not right. I have put in a lot of effort to get to where I am, so I have the right to ask for a fee. I guess that is the reason I am not singing on the plane.

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How many languages does Udit Narayan sing?

He has sung in many other languages as well. He has won a number of awards, including the National Film Awards and Filmfare Awards.

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