What Do You Need To Harvest Ion Cubes?

How many ion cubes do you need in Subnautica below zero?

A minimum of 45 Ion Cubes and a maximum of 69 can be obtained by the player, but they don’t have an infinite way to get them. 21 can be obtained without the use of the Prawn suit.

Can I craft ion cubes?

There are some important notes. Ion cubes are a scarce and valuable resource until the primary containment facility is unlocked. Caution should be exercised when carrying Ion Cubes in your inventory.

How do you make ion power cells?

There is a recipe for making an ion power cell. The battery can hold more capacity than a standard power cell. It will take more time to charge. They will make it easier for a player to explore the map.

How do I teleport to primary containment facility?

The Primary Containment Facility can be found at the two entrances to the Lava Lakes; co-ordinates are 0-300 to 1270 to 150 and 90 to 1240 to the north of the Lava Castle. The Alien Thermal Plant contains the Blue Tablet, which is required for the primary containment facility to function.

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How do you activate the alien arch in Subnautica?

The Ion cube is needed to power the Principal Arches. The player is taken to an Alien Arch.

Can you run out of ion cubes?

Ion cubes can be used to craft Ion battteries and power cells, as well as being an energy source. The tether tool and the teleport module are useless if you don’t play long enough because you can’t power them anymore.

How do I get to Arctic Spires?

The player will need to refill an Alterra Bridge in order to get into the area for the first time. There is a short underwater tunnel next to the architect cable. A laser cutter can be used to access the wall. There are different types of veins in the environment.

How do you make prawn suits?

One Plasteel Ingot, one Power Cell, one Enameled Glass, and one computer chip are required for the prawns suit. Most of the required components have already been created, except for Plasteel Ingot.

Does the Seaglide use batteries or power cells?

The Seaglide is rendered useless once it depletes its energy reserve, just like all other cars. The R key can be used to find a replacement for the empty battery.

Can you charge ion power cells Subnautica below zero?

You can charge your Power Cells with the Power cell chargers. Some important devices can be powered through a power cell. It’s the tool that makes your vehicle function.

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