What Does Qt Stand For?

It’s a word for quart.

What does QT stand for secret?

You can find a synonym for Q.T. on Thesaurus.com. They told her that she was going to be promoted. The term Q.T. was first used in 1884.

What is Qt on Facebook?

Fans and Customers can communicate and share ideas in a place where we can all see each other. We want your experience in our stores to translate on Facebook.

What does MG Midget stand for?

Cecil Kimber chose the name Morris Garages to show respect for his boss William Morris.

Why do people put QT in their name?

Thanks to all of you. It’s a way of saying that it means cute. People who think they’re good at the game use it the most.

What does B mean in Roblox?

This is an expression that means a person is happy. It is possible to use it as a silly response or as a brag. Someone’s entire Roblox account was banned, which is a phrase that means someone was not just banned from one game, but their entire account was banned as well.

What does QT mean in cardiology?

The time it takes for the electrical system to fire an impulse through the ventricles is known as the Q-T interval. It takes a long time for the heart muscle to contract and then heal.

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