What Happened To Valentine In Ender’s Game?

The Minister of Colonization asked Shakespeare and his wife to travel to Ganges at the request of the man.

Are Ender and Valentine relationship?

The man always supported and fought for the man that he was fighting for. She’s the only one who was related to him. Their relationship is weakened when he goes to the battle school. The distance between earth and the battle school can now be seen in the relationship between Ender and his girlfriend.

Why does Valentine get angry with Ender?

Why does Val get upset with someone? When he says that he won’t be at the bugger war if he’s on Earth. Someone else is going to stop the buggers. “Val was incensed by his tone of weary un concern.”

How does Valentine manipulate?

She was able to convince other people that she wanted what they wanted. Peter was able to make them afraid of what he wanted them to fear.

How old is Petra in Ender’s Game?

Petra may be a little young, but she is not scandalous. She was financially stable and mature for her age after leaving school. Since I read First Meeting’s in the Enderverse, I’ve been keeping an eye on his age.

What does Ender find when he removes the mirror?

What do you find when you remove the mirror? A hundred thousand buggers, including a few queens and males, will be hatched from the pupa of a queen bugger, which was already fertilized by the males.

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What is Ender Wiggins real name?

In the first part of the spin-off series, Andrew Wiggin is a fictional character from the first novel in the trilogy, Ender’s Game.

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