What Happens If I Delete Com Surrogate?

You should never try to remove the COM surrogate virus on your own. If you try to remove the virus manually, you will cause permanent damage that will cause Windows 10 to fail.

What happens if I close COM Surrogate?

The purpose of the COM surrogate is to run COM objects. The COM object crashing will cause the COM surrogate to crash.

Do I need com surrogate?

The COM surrogate process is part of Windows and cannot be disabled. It is a container process that uses COM objects to run other processes.

What does com surrogate virus do?

The COM surrogate is used by Explorer when it comes to extracts of thumbnail. If you go to a folder that has thumbnail enabled, Explorer will use a COM surrogate to compute the thumbnail for the documents in the folder.

Should I end background processes?

If you stop a process using the Task Manager, it will most likely fix your computer, but if you end it, it will crash your computer, and you could lose your data. It’s a good idea to save your data before you kill a process.

What background processes can I turn off?

Go to Start, then go to Privacy, and select the background apps. Make sure that background apps are turned on. To turn individual apps and services settings on or off, you must choose which apps can run in the background.

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