What Is Cdac Salary India?

Cdac employees are paid a certain amount. Employees who graduate from Cdac earn an average of 21lakhs, ranging from 5lakhs per year to 48lakhs per year based on 1009 profiles. The top 10% of employees make over 29lakhs a year.

What is the salary of DSO?

The average annual salary for DSO in India is 2.4 million.

What is the salary of ACL?

The average salary for an IT Helpdesk Engineer is 2.5 Lakhs per year, while the average salary for a Senior Technical Architect is 31.2 lakh per year.

What is the salary of CCL?

CCL has an average annual salary of over five hundred thousand dollars. The salaries received from various employees of CCL are the basis for the estimates.

What is CCA salary India?

The average annual salary of 1.8 Lakhs is the range for theCCA salary in India. The salaries received from the CCAs are used to come up with the salary estimates.

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What is the salary of Mining Sirdar?

The average annual salary for Mining Sirdar in India is 3.3 million dollars. The salaries received from Mining Sirdars are used to come up with the salary estimates.

How can I become a GM in Coal India?

The official site of Coal India can be used to apply for jobs. The vacancies for Chief Manager and General Manager are open. The official site of Coal India can be used to apply for jobs.

How do I get a job in CCL?

CCL requires a variety of qualifications, including diplomas, B.E/B. Tech, masters, and post graduate degrees. If you have any of the above degrees, you can easily find a job in Central Coalfields.

What is the maximum salary of CA?

For international posting, the highest salary for a CA is up to 75 million dollars per annum. The CA’s highest salary for a domestic posting is between 25 and 45 lakhs per annum.

What is Spa in salary slip?

Special allowance is a fixed amount of money given to employees over and above the basic salary in order to meet certain requirements. There are two allowances, a taxable one and a exempt one.

What is a salary of CA?

The average salary in India is between 6 and 7 million dollars per annum. Depending on his skills and experience, a CA’s salary could be as high as 60 million dollars. If he gets an International posting, he could make 75 million dollars a year. The average salary of a CA is over 8lakhs.

What is the salary of IG?

The average IG salary is between 6,23,098 and 12,94,906. The compensation and benefits package has a 3.5 star rating from IG employees.

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Which police has highest salary?

New Delhi has the highest paid police officer in India. Maharashtra and West Bengal are the other states that pay an adequate amount of salary to their police officers.

Who gets paid most in an orchestra?

Mr. Mehta is one of the highest earning musicians in the world. The music world owes a lot to Zubin Mehta. The Bombay Symphony Orchestra was founded by his father.

What is the highest paying job in the mining industry?

The project director/drilling operations director could be as high as $400,000. The highest paid mining jobs can be found in the Project Director and Drilling Operations Director positions.

How long coal will last in India?

India’s proven reserves are equivalent to more than a hundred times its annual consumption. It has more than 100 years of Coal left, at current consumption levels and without reserves.

Does Coal India have future?

India’s growing appetite for coal is expected to add 130 million metric tons to coal demand over the course of the next decade. India’s GDP is expected to grow at an average rate of 7.4 per cent over the course of the next ten years, with at least some of the growth coming from coal.

Is Coal India share a good buy?

A number of CIL projects are in the development stage and are likely to start delivering within the next two to three years. CIL is monopolistic, healthy profitability, and has a good financial profile.

Is Coal India a good buy?

The stock may prove to be a good play in the long run. There is a buy call on Coal India in the band of Rs 181 to 185 and more dips in the band of Rs 161 to 166.

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How can I apply for CCL apprenticeship?

There is a notification for recruitment to the posts of apprentices in various trades. Interested and willing candidates can apply through apprenticeshipindia.org. The last day to apply is in December of 2021.

What is CCL notification?

The recruitment of trade apprentices is being done by Central Coalfields. The candidates interested in the vacancies can read the notification and apply online.

What is a CEO salary in India?

An Entry Level CEO with less than three years of experience makes an average salary of 21.9 Lakhs a year. A mid-career CEO with 4 to 9 years of experience makes an average salary of 33.8 Lakhs per year, while a Senior CEO with 10 to 20 years of experience makes an average salary of 36.3 Lakhs per year.

Can CA earn in crores?

Accountants earn over two million dollars a year. The CA Qualified person’s average salary is Rs. A total of 8 Lacs. Many accountants in India and around the world are making more money than before.

Can CMA earn in crores?

A person who clears the first attempt of the exam can get a starting salary of around Rs 7 lakh per year. The numbers can go up to Rs 20 lakh. The average annual package for those who clear the second attempt is between 3 and 4lakh.

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