What Is Cg5S Real Name?

Charles “Charlie” Duncan Green V (born May 10, 1999 to May 10, 1999) is an American musician, singer, and music producer.

Is CG5 Dream SMP?

Charles “Charlie” Duncan Green V is a music producer who makes music. He’s made music about the Dream Team and Dream SMP, and he’s known for it. He has worked with members of the Dream SMP.

What country is CG5 from?

Roger Green who is English and Cecilia Sumargo who is a Filipina were the parents of Green when he was born. He performed in front of an audience when he was 2 years old.

Is CG5 Charlie Green?

It was Attended in 2019. Green is a music producer and singer. He works with video games, television shows, and original concepts to create original songs, remakes, and covers.

Is CG5 British?

Charlie Green is a 22-year-old producer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist who lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

Is Five Finger Death Punch gone away a cover?

The lyric video for Gone Away has been released by Five Finger Death Punch to celebrate the release of their greatest hits album, A Decade of Destruction. The Las Vegas metallers lifted a song from their new album and covered a song from 1997 by The Offspring.

Is CG5 an LDS?

I’m a Mormon and have the same name as Charlie Green. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is where I belong. I know that my heavenly Father loves me, and I am thankful for everything he has given me.

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Who is Charlie chill?

The incident that happened when Charlie was drunk and high on alcohol and drugs was called the Charlie Chill LSD incident. He punched his girlfriend twice in the face after he destroyed his brother’s pool house.

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