What Is Jumanji 3 Called?

Jake Kasdan is the director and co-writers of Jumanji: The Next Level.

Is there gonna be a Jumanji 3?

The director said that they were just getting into the discussion about the threequel, and they will “re- engage it as soon as everybody’s settled.” Hiram Garcia confirmed that they’re still hammering out the final details of the project.

Are they making a Jumanji 4?

The fourth film in the Jumanji franchise is still in the very early stages of development, but all signs point to the people at Sony Pictures wanting to keep the franchise going.

Is there a Jumanji 5?

The filming of Jumanji: The Next Level did not take place until January to May, so it’s possible that a December 2022, release date is still possible.

When did Jumanji 4 come out?

We might not see a fourth Jumanji film until at least 2024 if pre and post-production go smoothly and there are no more delays caused by the Covid-19 epidemic. The film’s stars will be a factor.

Why is Bethany not in Jumanji 2?

There was only one who wasn’t taken back into Jumanji. When she wanted to help bring Spencer back, she was alone and frustrated.

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What order should I watch Jumanji in?

Jumanji (1995), Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and Jumanji: The Next Level are some of the films that should be seen.

Is the horse in Jumanji real?

There were two beautiful black Friesians on the set. The horses are beautiful. A giant, muscular, majestic is what it is. They were great actors, and every angle you look at them, they are stunning.

What desert was Jumanji filmed?

The desert where the players try to escape from the ostriches was named after the sand-toy capital of the world.

Why did Milo stay in Jumanji?

Before the group returns to their real-world counterparts, Milo Walker, who assumed the role of the Pegasus Cyclone in the film, volunteered to stay behind Jumanji to protect it. Since Milo’s health is getting worse, it was a noble sacrifice for him to stay there.

Was there a Jumanji 2?

Jumanji: The Next Level is a sequel to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. This is the first official photo from the movie.

Who is the guy Bethany goes to in Jumanji 2?

Alex Vreeke lives in New Hampshire and plays music. Colin Hanks plays the adult Alex in the film, while Mason Guccione plays the teenager in the film.

Who is Bethany’s character in Jumanji 2?

In the sequel trailer, Madison Iseman can be seen as Bethany, the character she played in Welcome to the Jungle. She is left behind when she enters the game again. Gillan is portraying Martha in the game.

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