Which Colour Is Best For Xuv500?

There are 6 different colors of the XUV500, including moondust silver, lake side brown, obsidian black, and pearl white.

Which is a best color in XUV500?

Since you asked the question, I think the XUV500 looks great in grey Dolphin Grey and Lake Side Brown colors, and I think white is the most popular color for most vehicles these days.

Which model of XUV500 is best?

The XUV500 W11 Opt AT is the top model in the XUV500 lineup and it comes with a certified mileage of 15.3 kmpl. The W11 Opt AT variant comes with an engine that can produce a maximum of 153 bhp at 3750rpm and a maximum of 350 Nm at 1750rpm.

Is XUV500 good for family?

The xuv 500 is one of the best family cars in the world. It’s best to be comfortable and good for style. The XUV 500 is doing a good job.

Is XUV500 a good car?

It is a good experience. The plastic used in the interior is not of a good quality. The car is reliable because it has a good fuel efficiency. You can depend on it for the off-road.

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How many Colours does XUV 500 have?

There are 6 different colors of the XUV500, including moondust silver, lake side brown, obsidian black, and pearl white.

Is XUV500 discontinued?

There is a person by the name of Aditya Nadkerni. The XUV500 was pulled down after the launch of the XUV700 in India. The model has been discontinued temporarily, as it is likely to return as a five-seat model to compete with the likes of theHyundai Creta.

Which variant of XUV500 is value for money?

If you like the XUV500 but can’t stretch your budget, the base W5 trim is an excellent value for money.

How many kms XUV 500 can run?

The XUV 500 is powered by a decent engine and has great performance. The vehicle’s mileage is 15 kilo meters per liter. The X SUV has a fuel tank capacity of 70 kilometers. One full tank of XUV 500 is enough to take you 1000KMS.

Which model of XUV500 has sunroof?

The option to have a roof over your head is available in some models of the XUV500.

How many variants are there in XUV500?

There are 20 different versions of it, with a 2179cc engine option and three transmission options. The ground clearance of the XUV500 is 200mm and the Kerb weight is 1845 kilo. There are six different colors of the XUV500. The XUV500 has a mileage of more than 15 kmpl.

How many models are there in XUV500?

The XUV500 is available in six different colors. The XUV500 is a seven seat car. The competitors of the XUV500 are Marazzo and City.

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What is the price of XUV 700 Top Model?

The XUV700 is the most expensive model in petrol. The base price of the XUV700 is 13.70 Lakh. The price of the automatic version of XUV700 is 16.74 million.

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