Which Is Better Kydex Or Polymer?

Both are strong and last a long time. You are able to get different thicknesses of Kydex sheets. InjectionMoldedPolymer allows the manufacturer to modify the thickness and print to their own specifications. This isn’t something that Kydex can do.

Are polymer holsters good?

Kydex material can be used to make holsters. They can be compressed into almost anything after heating. They can keep weapons out of harms way. They choose specific weapons due to their rigidity.

Does Kydex damage gun finish?

Kydex holsters are similar to other types of holsters. It is due to its rigidity that this is the case. The aesthetic of the gun is not affected by wear and abrasion. The pistol will not be damaged by Kydex holsters.

Why is Kydex better?

The molded shape of the Kydex is retained once it cools down. Retention is the biggest benefit and it is provided by this custom mold. You will hear and feel the snap of the gun when you put it in the Kydex holster.

Is carbon fiber better than kydex?

The same weight carbon fiber is not needed for a holster. If we were talking about aviation wings, go with carbon fiber if kydex is the other option, but in terms of a holster, there is no reason to go with carbon fiber unless you like the way it looks.

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What is Kydex plastic?

The ALLENThermoplastics brand is owned by a company called Sekisui SPI who manufacture the KYDEX line. KYDEX is a world renowned brand name that is used in a wide range of industries.

Are leather gun holsters safe?

Leather that has been worn and weakened will fold, flop, and generally not perform as well as it used to. Even if it still holds the gun, it is no longer its shape. This is a safety hazard as well as a loss of performance and should not be taken lightly. Remove your leather holster when this happens.

Can you reheat Kydex?

I have heated and re heated Kydex many times to get the correct shape. It is difficult to get the original form if you are doing something else. It’s easy to spot form areas with a heat gun. The shiny area will be created if the kydex is heated over a long period of time.

What holsters dont scratch your gun?

The amount of force needed to pull the firearm from the holster is reduced by softer leather holsters. A leather holster lined with a very soft and smooth leather will generally reduce and/or eliminate the threat of abrasivefriction.

Do Kydex holsters wear?

A Kydex holster won’t fit your gun. The Kydex holster’s inside is very smooth. Dirt, debris, and other objects get stuck in your holster when you hold a gun.

How long does a Kydex holster last?

A leather holster can last up to 10 years with regular wear, but a Kydex holster can last a lifetime with proper cleaning and care.

Is Kydex IWB comfortable?

Kydex holsters have been molded to fit specific gun models. Even in hot weather, the holster is still comfortable because of the plastic around the gun. Kydex is a sturdy material that doesn’t require a lot of upkeep.

What can I use instead of KYDEX?

It might be the answer if it is UHPEMW or possibly HDPE/ cuttinboard. It is more resistant to temperature than Kydex, it is inexpensive, and most of all it is harmless to humans.

Is KYDEX the same as ABS?

What are the differences between KYDEX® thermoplastic sheet and other plastic items? The KYDEX® sheet is more resistant to chemicals than any of the other sheets. The flammability characteristics of the KYDEX® sheet are superior to those of the other sheets.

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What type of foam is used for KYDEX press?

The Mega Form thermoform foam was specifically designed for use in press molded thermoform sheets.

Are shoulder holsters good for concealed carry?

If you’re a jacket wearer, shoulder holsters can be an effective method of concealing your identity.

Is KYDEX a polymer?

thermoforming plastic is referred to as Kydex. It is similar to what you find inside an aircraft interior or fuselage. It’s light and strong. What’s the difference between injection molded plastic and molded plastic?

How durable is KYDEX?

What is it about Kydex that makes it so difficult? Kydex has a hardness of 90 on the R scale, which makes it hard for gun barrels to be made out of. The grained surface increases its resistance to scratches.


Kydex® 6565 was formulated to meet the safety needs of the aviation industry.

Is Kydex hard?

Kydex is hard and not as comfortable as it could be. Kydex doesn’t collapse on the draw, which makes reholstering easy. Kydex holsters are cheap even in the best designs. Plastic holsters are cheap and should not be used.

Do leather holsters have good retention?

Retention through fit alone is usually offered by quality leather and Kydex holsters. nylon weave and other soft materials can offer inferior retention if they are not reinforced. Retention straps are used to keep a gun in a holster.

How tight should a Kydex holster be?

A holster that is snug will fit your gun well. A smooth slide from the holster is what you should expect. The slide and frame shouldn’t rub on the holster which can make it hard to draw. You want the firearm to be in your holster while you are moving.

Can you microwave kydex?

Because it doesn’t have water in it, it shouldn’t work very well and it might not heat up.

Can you heat kydex with a hair dryer?

If the shape isn’t too drastic, you can gently push the gun into the holster by heating thetrigger guard with a paint peeler or hair dryer. The gun will slide into the kydex as it relaxes, causing it to assume the shape of thetrigger guard.

Should I oil a leather holster?

The holster should be stiffened by a cowhide lining. We don’t recommend oiling or treating a custom holster with leather conditioners. It is important that your holster is stiff.

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Are Bianchi holsters good?

I’m satisfied with the holster I bought for my Colt Pony Pocketlite. The top design of your semi- auto prevents it from digging into your side when you are sitting down, which is an excellent feature.

How much does it cost to make a Kydex holster?

There is a price for the item. You can make your own concealed pistol holster, magazine clip or accessory sheath with the KyDEX Concealment kit.

Do leather holsters scratch guns?

The contact points where the holster meets the firearm are where the gun’s finish rubs off. Depending on the number of times you draw your gun, the contact points will rub the finish off your gun.

When did Kydex holsters come out?

The first use of Kydex as a holster material was by an FBI agent. The material used to make the holsters is lightweight anddurable.

Where are MASC holsters made?

Over the course of twenty years, Masc has been making holsters. The high quality, innovative designs of Masc have gained worldwide attention.

Are Cardini holsters any good?

One of the most comfortable paddle holsters you’ll ever buy is made by Cardini. If you want a little more retention, you can use the leather covering over the belt paddle.

Can you wear IWB holster on the outside?

The belt works fine when it is outside the gun. You don’t have to be aware of how you bend to avoid exposing, but you do have to be aware of how you hide from other people.

Is KYDEX waterproof?

The finished product functions the same even though there are differences in manufacturing methods. Both retain their handguns, though Kydex tends to fit model variations slightly better. Both are waterproof and can wash sweat and dirt away.

Is KYDEX toxic?

Fire gases released when KYDEX® sheet burns are very similar to burning wood, fabric and other materials found in a building and fires involving KYDEX® sheet are not more toxic than any other fire.

Is KYDEX impact resistant?

Kydex T is less hygroscopic, so it doesn’t require pre-drying, it has better impact resistance, and it forms with less wall thickness.

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