Who Invented Ozone Layer?

The ozone layer was discovered in 1913.

Where was ozone first discovered?

Three scientists from the British Antarctic Survey have announced in the journal Nature that they have found low levels of ozone over the South Pole.

How did Earth get its ozone layer?

The sun’s UV radiation interacts with O2 in the atmosphere to formspheric ozone. The ozone layer is 6 to 30 miles above the Earth’s surface.

What is the current status of the ozone hole 2020?

After a season with a large and long ozone hole, scientists from the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service say the ozone hole is almost over. It will be closed a few days earlier in 2020 than it has been in the past.

When was the first ozone hole discovered Mcq?

The ozone hole was found in 1984 by Jonathan Franklin, Joseph Farman and Brian Gardiner. The ozone hole can be explained by the breakdown of ozone molecule by halogenated compounds.

Which satellite recorded the presence of ozone hole?

The NASA TOMS satellite record for total ozone and other atmospheric parameters was maintained by OMI.

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