Who Is Best Gamer In India?

Lokesh Raj, also known as Lokesh gamer, is an Indian video game and internet personality. His friends and peers call him the “Diamond King” because of his in-game skills.

Who is the No 2 gamer in India?

The first duo gaming channel in India is run by two cousins.

Who is AJJU Bhai?

About 30 million people have signed up to watch the Total Gaming channel on Ajju Bhai’s Youtube channel, which is the biggest game in the Free Fire Community. The Total Gaming channel was started in October by a man who goes by the name of Ajju Bhai. Was in the beginning of the new year.

Who is India’s No 1 YouTuber?

The comedy channel ‘BB ki Vines’ has more than 25 million subscribers, and is one of the most loved channels on the internet. He is more than just a comedian.

Who is FF King?

There is a king in India. He is actually from Tamil Nadu and goes by the name of Ravinchandra Vigneshwar. He has a free fire identification.

Who is Raistar face?

Raistar has a real name. Raistar is in India and lives in the state of Malaya. The young man is 18 years old. Raistar would be a student of 11 to 12th when he was younger.

What is the income of FF?

By the end of the year, Free Fire had made over a billion dollars. It became the fourth highest-grossing video game of 2020 with $2.13 billion, and the eighth highest-grossing mobile game of 2021.

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Why is Ajjubhai famous?

One of the reasons for Total Gaming’s mass success is that he is versatile. Beyond Free Fire also has videos about other video games, such as Grand Theft Auto 5.

Who is total gaming?

An Indian gaming YouTuber known as Total Gaming is live-streaming the battle Royale game Garena Free Fire. He is subscribed to the most gaming channels in India.

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