Who Is The Owner Of Studio 88?

The founder of Studio 88 will continue to run the business. Mr Price Group is a budget store in South Africa. All approvals have been received for the acquisition of Power Fashion, which is expected to top 105 million dollars.

How many stores does Studio 88 have?

We have exclusive releases for the most popular international brands at all of our stores. We bring you the latest trends in footwear, clothing and accessories.

What group does Studio 88 belong?

The largest independent fashion and footwear retail chain in South Africa is called Studio 88. The chains that make up the Group of Companies are Side Step, Skipper Bar and Linea Italia. The Italian fashion brand ellesse has two stand-alone stores in Africa and is owned by the group.

When was studio88 established?

Our presence in the footwear and clothing retail world is growing as we have over 270 Studio 88 stores and over 520 stores within the Group.

What is a TFG store?

TFG has a wide range of retail brands that include clothing, footwear, jewelry, sportswear, mobile phones, technology products and home stores. We want to be a leader in the retail industry in Africa.

Which shops fall under TFG?

The following retail brands are traded by its subsidiary, Foschini Retail Group ProprietaryLimited.

Can you buy at Jet with TFG Card?

After being absorbed into TFG, Jet’s clients can use their cards at any other TFG store. In September 2020, Jet took to its social media platforms to announce that it had become part of the TFG family.

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