Who Is Venti’s Crush?

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Does Ayaka have feelings for Aether?

Ayaka said she was happy to meet him. Ayaka now considers Aether to be a friend after fulfilling three small wishes for her.

Does Venti know Xiao?

Venti and Xiao have a very sweet connection even though they are not in the same region. Xiao was saved from death by the sound of a flute being played. The song pulled Xiao back to his senses and made him stronger.

Is Venti from Celestia?

From what fans know of the lore, Venti ascended to Celestia because of the faith the Gunnhildr Clan had in him, and when asked, he chose to be his friend. This is a fan theory and not explained in the game.

Is Ayaka a love interest?

The game has shown that Ayaka has feelings for the Traveler. Ayaka believes that they are not meant to be together due to the Prayer Plaques scene where the Traveler only thinks about their sibling.

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Does Ayaka like lumine?

Ayaka said that she considers Lumine her second friend and that she was her first friend. There is a lot of fanart depicting the two spending time together and engaging in heart warming activities.

Is Xiao in love with traveler?

Is Xiao a fan of travelers? Xiao doesn’t seem like it, but he has a sweeter side. When someone remembers to thank him, he is very happy because he protects those he cares for. He admits to the Traveler that he would like to get to know them better.

Can Xiao eat dreams?

Xiao has been around for two thousand years. He was enslaved by an ancient god who learned his weakness and forced him to perform violent acts for him.

Is the Unknown God Paimon?

The unknown God, Paimon, is the subject of Genshin Impact. Paimon isn’t the god that people think. The picture of Paimon was posted by some users who claimed she was the unknown god challenging the main character in a boss fight.

Who is Ayaka shipped with?

There are two ships in the Genshin Impact fandom, Kamisato Ayaka and Naganohara Yoimichi.

Is Aether a girl?

The male and female characters are Aether and Lumine. Powers, skills, damage, statistics, and so on.

Is Aether a boy or girl Genshin Impact?

There are two main characters in the game. There are two main characters in Genshin Impact, one is the female and the other is the male traveller.

Did Ayaka use the traveler?

During the Grus Nivis storyline, Genshin Impact’s Ayaka gives the Traveler a special gift, but players can decline it. There were a lot of new activities for the traveler to encounter.

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Does Kamisato Ayaka have a fiance?

Ayaka’s voice lines were said to refer to him as her fiancée, but no voice lines have been found online. She refers to the character as Tohma or Toma, but she doesn’t mention a romance.

Does Ayaka like Thoma?

Thoma is a dear friend of Ayaka’s. He always makes me feel better. In a way, I think of him as a full member of the Kamisato Clan. They are close, but it is not romantic.

How old is Zhongli?

Zhongli’s true age is not known. According to legend, Morax is over 6000 years old and helped shape the geography of Liyue. It confirms that Zhongli isn’t below 6000 years, even though it’s a vague number. The oldest character in Gen Shin Impact is Zhongli.

Is Ayaka good?

Many tough characters have stepped onto the stage since Ayaka first arrived back in Genshin Impact 2.0, but she still is one of the best in the game. Her ability to freeze foes faster than any other character is due to her powerful AoE Cryo abilities.

Is Ayato older than Ayaka?

There is a Hydro character in the game. The current leader of the Kamisato Clan is the older brother of Kamisato Ayaka.

What food does Xiao like?

Almond Tofu is one of Xiao’s favorites. The other dish can be yours. There is a media:volyaq003.

Is Xiao a girl Genshin Impact?

Paimon is a female in Genshin Impact that is following you around and will help you find your way around Teyvat. She enters the story as a character who was saved from the water.

Why did Xiao eat snow?

He eats the snow when he fights demons with blood on him. The paralyzing effect of coldness can be felt. I believe it’s one of the ways he overcomes his pain.

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Who is Childe’s crush?

Childe has a big fat crush on the other person. He made a web toon where he and Lumine are the main characters.

What are the 7 nations of Teyvat?

Each of the seven major nations are ruled by a different god.

How old is Miko?

It is said that Yae Miko is 500 years old. There is a young version of Yae in the game that is 500 years old, and she seems to have known Ai since she was a child.

How did Khaenri fall?

The cataclysm took place 500 years ago, and Khaenri’ah was a part of it. During this time, monsters created by the goldsmith Rhinedottir, also known as “Gold,” poured out from Khaenri’ah to destroy Teyvat.

Did Vanessa ascend to Celestia?

There are falcon Accounts about her life after her rebellion, but they all converge at the end of her life. The legend says that the gods recognized Vennessa for her actions and that she ascended to Celestia.

Can you see Celestia in Inazuma?

There are only two regions where you can’t see Celestia in the sky.

Who is guhua Genshin?

The historical and mythical figure of Guhua is in Liyue. It is thought that at the end of his journey, he ascended and became a star in the midst of a purple haze.

Is Paimon a girl?

Paimon is a female character in Genshin Impact that is following you around and will be your guide for Teyvat. She enters the story as a character who was saved from the water.

Is Paimon a fairy?

Paimon is a cute second in command fairy character. Paimon has a lot of knowledge, but she has a toddler look.

Is Paimon a villain?

King Paimon is a hidden villain in the film Hereditary.

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