Why Is My Brother Scan N Cut Not Cutting Properly?

Check to see that the material is placed on the side with the strongest bond. Attaching material over the scanning marks is against the law. A pattern can’t be cut cleanly if a mat isn’t correctly recognized.

What is cut amount on Scan N Cut?

The cut amount is how deep the cut is. The machine can cut less material if it has less pass time. Attach the material to the mat with masking tape if it moves.

Why is my scan and cut cutting the mat?

If you don’t have enough strength in the glue, the material will shift. If masking tape is being used to hold down the material with the Autoblade, make sure the cutting data is not positioned over the tape or the data needs to be moved.

Why is my brother scan and cut not recognizing mat?

There are dirty marks on the part of the mat that is put in. The dotted marks on the part of the mat that is inserted are not visible to the naked eye. The side with the material attached was facing down when the mat was put in.

How thick can a scan n Cut cut?

The maximum thickness of 1.5mm for paper, fabric, and other materials can be cut with your machine. It is important to note that these specifications are dependent on which materials you are cutting.

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Can you use Cricut mat in Brother scan and cut?

No, that’s not true! The mat is an important part of Brother’s Scan ‘N Cut’s system. The Brother’s SnC mat is the only mat you can use.

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