Will Waitlist 4 Get Confirmed?

Does waiting list 4 get confirmed?

Depending on the number of days left in your journey and the train or route you’re on,WL4 can be confirmed.

Will 5 waiting list get confirmed?

You’ll get a guaranteed spot if your waiting ticket is confirmed. 4 hours before the train leaves will be the time when the berth no will be decided. When all seats in the train are booked, the railway will give Waiting Status to the passengers instead of confirmed status.

Will GNWL 4 get confirmed?

If the status is GNWL 4 /WL 3 it means that you have a waiting list of 3 and your ticket will only be confirmed if 3 passengers cancel their journeys.

Will WL 50 get confirmed?

It can’t be predicted without knowing the Train number, Booking Station, Class of travel and Date of journey. In my experience, I’ve seen more confirmations of 2 AC than of 3 AC. All depends on how many seats there are.

Will RAC 75 get confirmed?

It is definitely true. There are many chances that your ticket will be confirmed. The preference for seat allocation goes like this according to Railways Guidelines. The first preference goes to RAC, followed by GNWL, then to PQWL, then toRSWL, followed by other waiting list like RQWL, and finally to the final choice.

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Will WL 100 get confirmed?

Every wait listed passenger will be able to get confirmed tickets with 100% assurance.

Can WL 2 be confirmed?

There is a waiting list for 3 AC. It is a good chance that your ticket will be confirmed. If you are a primary status, then it will be confirmed. I booked 2 tickets in 2ac and only one ticket was confirmed and the other iswl1.

Will RAC 40 get confirmed?

The waiting list for RAC 40 will only move if this status is confirmed before the chart is prepared. You need to share with other person or side berths depending on the route you travel on.

Will waiting list 3 get confirmed?

All passengers on your ticket are not guaranteed to be confirmed. The tickets can be confirmed by other passengers who are travelling in the same class as you have booked them.

Will PQWL 8 get confirmed?

The ticket’s current status is Pqwl 8. Is this ticket confirmed? There are two tickets under the Polled Quota Waiting List that have a high chance of being confirmed.

What if WL ticket is not confirmed?

Is it possible that a ticket booked online will be canceled if it doesn’t get confirmed? If all passengers on the ticket remain wait listed even after the chart is prepared, the tickets booked online by irctc website will be canceled.

Which is better GNWL or WL?

This pool has the best chance of moving forward if someone cancels a ticket. GNWL has the best chance of being confirmed.

Is 40 waiting list confirmed?

There is a 40% to 75% chance that the tickets will be confirmed. Less than 40% of the wait listed tickets have been confirmed.

Which waiting list gets cleared first?

There is an order to clear the waiting list. This is the second part of the RAC 2. The general waiting list is called the GLWL. The PQWL has a pool of waiting lists.

Will RAC 140 get confirmed?

What are the chances that RAC 140 will be confirmed? It means that you have been allocated half of the seat. A confirmed ticket is one that you can board the train with.

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Will RAC 22 get confirmed?

A confirmed seat is referred to as the RAC. You’ll get a confirmed berth to sleep if there are more cancellation. You’ll have to travel if that’s what you have to do.

Can I travel with GNWL ticket?

This type of waiting list has the highest chance of being confirmed. If you make a booking online, you can’t travel if there is a waiting list. The refund will be credited in the bank account within 3 to 7 days.

Will Waiting List 1 get confirmed in 1st AC?

The first AC has a long waiting list. The chances of you clearing your waiting list are very low. All of this is not being cleared, no matter what it is.

Will RAC 15 get confirmed?

There is a good chance that your ticket will be confirmed in the last hours before your journey. Every rac passenger would be given half birth to sit in side lower if it wasn’t for the fact that they were authorized to board the train. They give one side to the passenger and the other to the driver.

Will RAC 85 get confirmed?

Wait until the chart preparation which is 3 to 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the train to find out if you will be given a full or a share of the berths.

Will RAC 120 get confirmed?

As a result of someone cancelling or not filling a quota, you are currently in the position of RAC 120. If you make a reservation against cancellation, you will get half a seat. It is likely that your ticket will be confirmed by the end of the 30 day period.

Which waiting list will confirm first?

General waiting list tickets are issued when the passenger starts his/her journey at the originating station. This type of waiting list has the highest chance of being confirmed.

Is WL 1 get confirmed?

The train is the main factor in it. There is a chance that it’s confirmation if it’s in a busy train like Rajdhani going to Ernakulam in Christmas. There is a chance that it is in a different train.

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Will RAC 64 get confirmed?

Is it possible that I will get a confirm seat if the RAC is 64? You are authorized to board the train and half side lower if you want, even if you don’t get confirmed until chard is ready.

Can I travel with WL ticket?

Those who get ‘confirmed’ or ‘RAC’ status can travel on the journey date, but those who get ‘WL’ status can’t because they won’t get a seat in the train.

How do waiting list tickets get confirmed?

If the passenger status is marked asWL followed by a number then they have a wait listed status. If the passengers who booked before you cancel their tickets, this can be confirmed.

What is train WL?

The status of the passengers in a ticket is assigned and can be waiting, confirmed, or reservation against cancellation. If the passenger status is marked asWL followed by a number, it means they have a wait listed status.

What is RLWL waiting list?

What is the name of the waiting list? Railway passengers can get train tickets for intermediate railway stations if they are on the remote location waiting list.

What is TQWL ticket?

TQWL is a word meaning wait listed tickets. There is an emergency ticket booking service that opens 24 hours before the departure for the train and costs more. TQWL status is given to passengers after the fixed number of tickets has been filled.

Can I travel with waiting list ticket in 2s?

You can travel with a waiting list ticket if you book your tickets at the railway counter. If you have an E-Ticket with a partially confirmed one, you can travel. Practically people who have waiting list tickets are traveling.

Is Tatkal waitlist 1 confirmed?

If tatkal ticket goes up, it gets confirmed and doesn’t go through the normal channels. The general waiting list is preferred over the tatkal waiting list in chart preparation.

Is waiting list allowed in train?

It is not allowed for fully waiting list tickets to travel by train and enter the stations.

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